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The DILG Region IX will be accepting applicants for the following positions:



                                    (DMO III)

Salary             :           Php 35,693.00

Salary Grade:           18 


·         Must be a graduate of a College Degree Course

·         At least 3 years of related experience ; and

·         Able to communicate clearly and effectively

Scope of Work:


a.         Assist the Governance Reform Regional Coordinator for Region IX comprising of 3          provinces, namely, Zamboanga Del Sur, Zamboanga Del Norte and Zamboanga        Sibugay Province for the implementation and achievement of the CMGP Program    Governance Reform Targets.


b.         Assist in providing  TA to Provincial Local Government Units (PLGUs) located in the         Region  IX on the following:


-       Submission of PLGUs on the FY 2019 fund release requirements and FY 2018 other documentary requirements;


o        DBM validated 2019 PFM Improvement Plan;

o   Local Road Management Assessment Report with Improvement Plan;

o   Submission to DBM of the PFM Improvement Plan

o   Submission of certification issued by the province’s Local Finance Committee that the local road maintenance budget for the current year is sufficient to maintain one hundred percent (100%) of fair to good roads supported with approved Annual Maintenance Work Program; and

o   2017 APCPI results with Procurement Action Plan for FY 2018


-       Achievement of FY 2018 Governance Reform Targets.


c.         Assist the Governance Reform Regional Coordinator in collaboration with the DILG             Regional/Provincial Offices in the evaluation of the performance of PLGUs in Region IX on the achievement of the Governance Reform Targets.


d.         Assist in the preparation of monitoring reports on the progress of governance reforms of   each PLGU in Region IX


e.            Assist the Governance Reform Regional Coordinator in working with UNDP on the           following:


-       Conduct a Change Management Training to be participated by key stakeholders in the provinces to ensure their readiness to implement governance reforms;

-       Conduct of pre-work activities and Provincial assessment workshop prior to the formulation of customize Provincial Governance Reform Roadmap;

-       Analyze the Performance Assessment Reports of selected Provinces on LRM, and PFM as inputs in the development of the Provincial Governance Reform Roadmaps (PGRR);

-       Conduct Technical Assistance to provinces in the development of FY 2019 – 2022 Provincial Governance Reform Road Map on LRM and PFM;

-       Based on the PGRR, assist the provinces in formulating a Provincial CD Plan with a comprehensive list of CD interventions that are necessary for the achievement of the governance reform targets;

-       Assist the RC in preparing Activity Design for the follow-through activities of the CMGP Program

-       Conduct priority CapDev activities to achieve 2018 reform targets through mentoring/coaching approach

f.             Assist in the conduct of pre-work activities and Provincial Assessment Workshop on the   formulation of PGRR the provinces within the region.


g.         Assist in overseeing of progress monitoring on the implementation of governance reform targets of provinces in the Region.


h.            Assist the facilitator or resource person in the assessment and planning workshops,          capacity development, and similar activities.


i.          Attend meetings, trainings, and other related activities relative to governance reform,        CMGP Program.


j.          Assists in conducting meetings, trainings, and other CMGP-related activities and ensure   the documentation of CMGP activities conducted by the regions/provinces.


k.            Assist the Governance Reform Regional Coordinator in ensuring that the Local Road             Management Teams of all PLGUs in Region IX have conducted meeting/son a regular     basis to address the issues and concerns in the implementation of Governance Reform     and CMGP Projects.


l.          Assist in coordinating governance reform matters with concerned office at the DILG         Regional Offices, and Regional Coordinators.


m.        Assist in the creation of Updates on the status of utilization of the funds downloaded to      ROs and POs on the 2nd semester of 2017 (KALSADA and 2017 CMGP funds) and 1st semester of 2018 under the FY 2018CMGP funds by the CMGP PMO.


n.            Assist the Regional Coordinator in Region on the following: implementation of CapDev     Activities;


-       preparation of all the training material needs such as supplies, certificates, attendance sheet, registration, etc;

-       Dissemination of Memorandum, Department Order, invitation letters for the CapDev activities;

-       coordinating with Regional Offices, LGUs and other participants for the CapDev activities;

-       preparing documentation including audio-visual of all CapDev activities and conferences;


o.         Perform such other function as may be required.


Expected Deliverables and Schedule of Submission of Output:

·         In coordination with the RC submit Monthly Status Reportto CMGP PMO not later than 30th of every monthon the achievement of governance reform of each province within the region.

·         Other Reports as may be required in relation to the works performedfor immediate submissionto supervising official.

Interested and qualified applicants should submit the following application requirements to the DILG Regional Office not later than AUGUST 06, 2018addressed to:



Regional Director

DILG Regional Office No. IX

ATD. Bldg., F.S. Pajares Ave., San Jose District

Pagadian City