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The DILG Region IX will be accepting applicants for the following position:

JOB TITLE                  :           (1) Development Management Officer III

            Salary              :           Php 38,085.00 / month (SG-18)
            Assignment    :           Regional Office


  • Graduate of any four (4) year course, preferably relevant to social development, community development, and/or social work.
  • Should preferably have (30) hours of relevant training in community organizing, community mobilization strategies and approaches, social development, and/or Popular Education techniques and approaches.
  • At least two (2) years of relevant, progressive work experience in community organizing and/or social development work. Experience in Participatory Local Governance will be an advantage.
  • Must have a strong sense of social responsibility, credible/able to work with CSOs and local government units, able to communicate verbally and in writing to various stakeholders, be fluent in the local dialect and/or a resident of the      area to which he or she will be assigned and computer literate.


  • SLGP Regional/Provincial Coordination Team shall provide assistance to concerned regional/provincial offices in achieving the deliverables (taken from the SLGP RBME) described as follows:


1.      CSO Assembly / CSO Mapping

  • Country wide CSO assembly

2.   Feedback from the CSOs and citizens for government projects consolidated

  • Capacity building activities on online platform, citizen feedback and community-based monitoring

3.      CSOs, Regions, LGUs, and DILG Personnel convened towards strengthening the OPG functions

  • Promoting accountability, transparency and inclusiveness in LGUs
  • Capacitating CSOs and LGUs of the newly reconstituted LSBs


1.      Partnership with SUCs on capacity-development and technical assistance to LGUs on improving the local planning

  • Capacity development and Technical assistance to LGUs on improving local planning
  • Devolving Local capacitating for Comprehensive Development Planning to SUCs

2.      Provincial and municipal LDIP alignment (with PDP results matrices)

  • Orientation, workshop, capability building activities on LDIP alignment to PDP
  • Alignment of BDP to AIP


1.      Barangay, municipalities, and provinces provided with capacity-development and technical assistance on BDCs, MDSc and PDCs functionality

  • Barangay’s provided with capacity-development and technical assistance on BDCs functionality and BDC Functionality Assessment
  • Capacity Building of DILG Officers in planning, budgeting, and monitoring of SLGP activities

2.      LDC Functionality Assessment conducted

  • LDC (PDCs and MDCs) Functionality Assessment through SGLG

3.      Baseline profile on Barangay Development Councils (BDCs) functionality produced

4.      CSO and LGU members of the newly reconstituted LSBs capacitated

  • Capacity Building activities to improve LGU local service delivery
  • Assessment of LGU local service delivery

Improved Municipality Asset Management and Resource Mobilization Capacity

1.      LDF BUR progress monitored and corresponding policy recommendation drafted

  • Monitoring of the LDF BUR Progress
  • Drafting of policy recommendation on the improvement of local budget utilization
  • Capacity Building activities to improve asset management and resource mobilization.

Interested and qualified applicants should submit the following application requirements to the DILG Regional Office NOT LATER THAN AUGUST 27, 2019 addressed to:


                        PAISAL O. ABUTAZIL, CESO III
                        Regional Director
                        DILG Regional Office No. IX
                        ATD. Bldg., F.S. Pajares Ave., San Jose District
                        Pagadian City


  1. Application letter;
  2. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017) which can be downloaded at;
  3. Photocopy of Transcript of Records.