April 24-26, 2023 | As part of the efforts of professionalizing the members of the Bids and Awards Committees including the members of the Technical Working Group and the Secretariat, the Department and the Interior and Local Government organized the Reorientation on RA 9184 and Updates on the Revised IRR at the Garden Orchid Hotel in Zamboanga City.

The event brought together the key players of the procurement process both from the Regional and the Field Offices.

The primary objective of the reorientation was to enrich the expertise and aptitude of the DILG BAC on RA 9184 and other related proficiencies and to provide preventive solutions to any possible complications which may arise in the future pertaining to the procurement process.

RA 9184, the “Government Procurement Reform Act,” is a statute enacted to regulate the acquisition of goods, infrastructure schemes, and consulting amenities by government offices, such as the Department of the Interior and Local Government. The law’s primary objective is to guarantee fair play, openness, productivity, and responsibility in procurement operations and to promote advanced procurement methods.

At the outset of the event, Regional Director Paisal O. Abutazil, CESO III, imparted a thoughtful and insightful welcome message, emphasizing the significance of the orientation. The program was strategically designed, encompassing a broad range of topics, such as the latest Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) issuances, Government Procurement 101, Procurement Planning and Budget linkage, Early Procurement Activities, Technical Specification Writing, Standard Bidding Procedure for Goods and Infrastructure, Alternative Methods of Procurement, Building Maintenance, and Reminders on the Procurement PBB Requirements and Composition, Qualification, and Functions of BAC Members.

Leslie B. Cañafranca, the acting head of the Procurement Division in the DILG Central Office, expounded on the most recent releases from the Government Procurement Policy Board, the basics of Government Procurement, and the connection between procurement planning and budgeting, including early procurement activities. These informative topics broadened the understanding of the participants on the laws that govern government procurement in the Philippines, the five essential rights in public procurement, and the key players involved in procurement planning.

Meanwhile, Engineer Rey L. Neo of the Office of Project Development Services, delved into Technical Specification Writing, imparting valuable insights on the subject matter.

On the second day, OIC-Chief Cañafranca delved into the intricacies of the Standard Bidding Procedure for Goods and Infrastructure and the various Alternative Methods of Procurement. Through this segment, the participants were equipped with a thorough understanding of the general principles and considerations, procedure, and requirements necessary for Competitive Bidding of Goods and Infrastructure Projects. Furthermore, Engr. Rey L. Neo provided insights on the crucial topics of Building Maintenance.

The final day of the event was made all the more special by the attendance of Assistant Secretary for Finance, Controllership and Administration Ester Aldana, who graced the occasion with her insightful discussion on the PBB Requirements related to Procurement and Composition, Qualification, and Functions of BAC Members, imparting her knowledge and expertise to the eager participants.

The orientation proved to be a resounding success, empowering participants with the essential knowledge and competencies required to execute their procurement roles with efficiency. The DILG BAC remains committed to organizing similar events in the future, ensuring that members of the committee stay abreast of the latest procurement advancements and practices.