April 19, 2023 | To prepare for the forthcoming functionality audit of Local Council for the Protection of Children (LCPC) and Local Committee on Anti-Trafficking and Violence Against Women and their Children (LCAT-VAWC) for the Provinces, HUC and Isabela City, a virtual assembly was conducted on April 19, 2023.

The central objective of this assembly was to run-through the members of the Regional Inter-Agency Monitoring Task Force with the Functionality Assessment Tools of LCAT-VAWC and LCPC.

The LCPC, a council mandated by law with the responsibility of safeguarding and advocating for the welfare of children across all cities and municipalities in the Philippines. It actively coordinates and monitors an array of programs and services catering to the needs of children, conducts awareness campaigns, and informational drives focusing on children’s rights and well-being, and prioritizes efficient service delivery. In essence, the LCPC is a cornerstone in the protection of children’s rights, providing opportunities for their growth and development.

The LCAT-VAWC is a governmental entity charged with eradicating violence against women and children via enforcing policies, developing programs, and closely tracking cases. A diverse mix of government agencies, NGOs, and local stakeholders comprise the team. They collaborate with other entities, including the LCPC, to execute services with precision. The LCAT-VAWC and LCPC operate together to guarantee that the safety and prosperity of women and children remain paramount, with ceaseless efforts to curb violence and offer aid.

Alvin Rex M. Lucero, the Chief of the Local Government Capacity Development Division in DILG IX, started the meeting with heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering dedication of the RIMTF members towards safeguarding the welfare of children and women from the acts of violence and trafficking. He underscored the significance of the assessments in gauging the LCPC and LCAT-VAWC’s competence in providing quality services to their communities.

LGOO V Lizzette Regine Boltiador of DILG IX took the initiative to enlighten the RIMTF members about the functionality assessment tools for LCPC and LCAT-VAWC. She clarified that the assessments would scrutinize the adherence of LCPC and LCAT-VAWC to pertinent laws and regulations and their efficiency in providing services to the community. The assessments would also uncover any inadequacies and deficiencies in their operations and offer suggestions for improvement.

During the orientation, the RIMTF members engaged in the discussion, posing numerous inquiries and expressing their concerns about the assessments. They showed a keen interest in understanding the metrics used to measure the LCPC and LCAT-VAWC’s efficacy, the RIMTF’s involvement in the assessments, and the projected timeline for the evaluations.

As the meeting drew to a close, the schedule of the assessment was presented to the body which is set for May 2023. The gathering culminated with the RIMTF members affirming their unyielding dedication to enhancing the services of the LCPC and LCAT-VAWC and fulfilling their critical mission of safeguarding children and women from violence and trafficking.