Published On: June 06, 2023 | Written By: Beatriz Faye G. Carreon

May 31, 2023 | Aligned with the administration’s dedication to enhancing competitiveness and facilitation business operations nationwide, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) persists in its endeavors to organize a captivating session focused on harmonizing the utilization of barangay clearance within the LGU’s permitting procedures. This event took place in Hotel Guillermo, Pagadian City. The primary objective was to empower participants with the essential expertise and knowledge needed to seamlessly incorporate the barangay clearance system into the LGU’s permitting framework, alongside various other initiatives aimed at facilitating business transactions and enhancing the Ease of Doing Business (EODB).

The orientation gathered a diverse group of essential players engaged in the LGU permitting process, comprising the City/Municipal Treasurer, BPLO Officer, Zoning Officer, City/Municipal Administrator, Punong Barangay, and Barangay Treasurer. Their active involvement was indispensable in guaranteeing a holistic grasp of the seamless integration of barangay clearance.

The orientation was enriched by the presence of distinguished individuals who shared their expertise and wisdom on the topic. Zamboanga del Sur Provincial Focal Person and DILG IX’s Regional Legal Officer, Atty. Lisanie O. Carpio, graced the event as resource persons, generously imparting their profound insights and practical knowledge to the eager participants, thereby equipping them with invaluable information and indispensable guidance.

The orientation witnessed the active participation of multiple LGUs hailing from Zambaonga Peninsula, including delegates from Kalawit, Piñan, Payao, San Pablo, and Tigbao. This notable turnout exemplified the unwavering dedication of these LGUs to enhance their permitting procedures and foster seamless business interactions within their individual domains.

During the course of the event, attendees actively participated in dynamic dialogues, hands-on workshops, and captivating presentations. They gained a profound understanding of the significance of merging the barangay clearance system seamlessly into the LGU permitting process, thereby amplifying effectiveness, openness, and responsibility. Moreover, the orientation shed lights on the advantageous outcomes of EODB initiatives, which include enticing investments, propelling economic expansion, and cultivating an environment that warmly welcomes entrepreneurial endeavors.

At the conclusion of the orientation, participants emerged with a profound grasp of how to seamlessly incorporate barangay clearance into the LGU permitting procedures. Equipped with fresh insights and honed abilities, they now possess the tools needed to successfully execute the requisite modifications within their individual LGUs.

The orientation on blending barangay clearance with LGU permitting processes acted as a priceless hub for nurturing skills and exchanging knowledge. This event is anticipated to be a catalyst, fostering enhanced collaboration between LGUs and barangays, resulting in smoother procedures and enhanced services for both businesses and residents.

The DILG IX and the LGUs in attendance are unwavering in their dedication to nurturing an atmosphere that stimulates economic progress and advancement. By organizing events like this orientation, the objective is to establish a favorable business milieu that entices investments, fosters job creation, and ultimately enhances the well-being of the people residing in Zamboanga Peninsula, uplifting their quality of life.