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Regional Director Paisal O. Abutazil of the Department of the Interior and Local Government Region IX reminded all government employees to observe Commission on Election rules and guidelines in the ongoing campaign and conduct of Sangguniang Kabataan and Barangay Elections.

He said this during the Monday convocation of DILG IX last May 7, 2018 to discourage government employees from unlawful electioneering.

He added that the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has reminded all government employees to observed rules and regulations on electioneering and partisan political activity under CSC Resolution No. 1600298 dated March 29, 2016 and the joint circular of the Commission of Elections and CSC No. 001, Series of 2016, stating that government employees are barred from campaigning for or against a particular candidate.

The joint circular however permitted government employees to freely air their personal political views but prohibits them to solicit support for or against a candidate, such as the following: consistent presence in political rallies, caucuses, or be identified with candidates; wearing political caps, shirts, pins, or other campaign paraphernalia; serve as watchers on election day; receive political contributions, nor give personal, financial and other monetary contributions.

The provision of the said circular also stipulated that "social media functions such as liking, commenting, sharing, reposting, or following a candidate or party's account" provided that they do not "directly or indirectly" campaign for their preferred candidates.

The violators of the said joint circular shall face charges ranging from suspension to dismissal, imprisonment or disqualification from public office. #