Region IX GEO Hazard Maps

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A systematic and supportive project implementation process that involves learning from and sharing with others practices that are proven and effective solutions to common and similar problems , so as to contribute to the sustainable well-being of citizens and advancement of local government with the least possible costs and effort.

This means that. . . .

Replication is a process, learning the process and sticking to the process.
It is sharing of experiences, practices, and problems encountered.
It involves simple technology and processes at low cost for easy and effective replication.

Region IX Best Practices

Title Type Description

Child Friendly Movement A Child friendly LGU

Ahon Badjao The Ahon Badjao Project of Zamboanga City

AIDS-Free Zamboanga

Effective partnership towards an aids-free Zamboanga City

Dapitan 2005 pdf Solar Salt Making as a Viable Alternative Livelihood
for Impoverished Coastal Communities

Diplahan 2005 pdf A Center for Abused Women and Children

Manuel Roxas 2005 pdf An LGU Manged Tertiary Port: A Successful Public

San Pablo 2005 pdf Ensuring Success through Active Women Participation
in CRM and Enterprise Development

Siay 2005 pdf Community-Based Flood Preparedness,
Response and Prevention