Published on: June 28, 2023 | Written By: Beatriz Faye G. Carreon

Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur – The third iteration of the Coffee Mondays series took place on June 19, 2023, organized by the Local Government Regional Resource Center IX. In partnership with the Capacity Development Facility, the session focused on addressing the Knowledge Management Audit and deliberating on the Knowledge Capital Plan. Active involvement was observed from the LGRRC Core Team, comprising various members responsible for advancing the audit.

The Coffee Mondays session provided an opportunity to delve into pertinent matters and obstacles encountered by Local Government Units (LGUs) in the area. Among the topics discussed was the necessity for enhancing capacity-building initiatives in the provinces, wherein the regional office assumed a pivotal role in training and equipping the Provincial Offices. Furthermore, field officers (LGOOs) emphasized their need for assistance and direction from the regional office while conducting activities and training within their designated areas of responsibilities.

During the session, various approaches were put forward and evaluated to address these challenges. One successful proposal that emerged was the development of an Omnibus Guidelines for the delivery of capacity development initiatives to the stakeholders, which requires additional clarification and a stronger focus on defining the responsibilities of Field Operating Units (FOUs) in conducting training programs. Furthermore, participants suggested the allocation of funds to support activity implementation and proposed considering amendments to categories A and B, allowing provincial offices to take the lead in training initiatives through partnerships. These recommendations will be presented to the Management Committee for a comprehensive deliberation.

To successfully implement these groundbreaking solutions, a range of resources will be necessary. It is crucial to secure sufficient funding to provide support for sub-LGRCs and allocate regular funds specifically designated for sub-allotment to Provincial Offices. Furthermore, careful planning should include organizing a comprehensive Sub-LGRC Conference, incorporating a program managers’ conference, to thoroughly address the omnibus. The necessary preparations for these initiatives entail submitting a project proposal to the Local Government Academy (LGA), assigning an alternate librarian for the LGRRC library, and forming a training team to tackle the omnibus during the Provincial Conference.

Based on the suggestions presented during the Coffee Mondays session, a number of measures were proposed to improve knowledge management within DILG IX. These measures encompass the creation of a comprehensive collection of Post Activity Reports, the compilation of exit interviews with retiring and resigning employees to capture their valuable knowledge (including video interviews), the development of a yearbook as a tribute to retiring and resigning employees, and the production of a placeholder video that showcases the initiatives undertaken by LGRRC IX and the sub-LGRCs. Additionally, a video will be produced to highlight the existing initiatives of LGRRC IX, with the aim of generating increased awareness and engagement.

The Coffee Mondays gathering served as an invaluable opportunity for DILG IX to tackle important matters, foster constructive dialogues, and present creative ideas. By leveraging the acquired insights and implementing the suggested recommendations, DILG IX aims to enhance its endeavors in capacity development and reinforce its practices in knowledge management. Ultimately, this initiative seeks to enhance the quality of service offered to LGUs in the region.