“It’s a new thing “said DILG IX Regional Director  Paisal O. Abutazil in a special conference as preparation of the KM Audit Workshop Wednesday night of September 19,2012  together with the LGRRC Core team in the region and LGA Representative, Euly  Q. Enrique .

His statement was a response regarding the conduct of Knowledge Management (KM) Audit for External Stakeholders in Zambonga Peninsula in which, accordingly, this workshop would be a great help to identify what knowledge is needed to support overall organization/community/network goals and individual tem activities.

LGA Representative Euly Q. Enrique, to assist the conduct of the KM, clarified that this process is a helpful tool in diagnosing strength and weaknesses of different offices, citing possible ways that in this process, the DILG as prime mover of local governance, can address the gap among the stakeholders. She further added that the KM can also be considered in putting up proposal and projects that’s why this must be given adequate preparation and training workshop.

To brief on the process during the conduct, Enrique supplemented that perspective of the KM Audit must be clear particularly the use of tools. She also encouraged the facilitators to really emphasize that those participants from different offices/agencies were the one who stand for their offices and that they were evaluated how prepared they are in the assessing of the Knowledge Management.

Concerning the administration of the tools, Enrique explained that these are somewhat critical and thus require proper assessment to effectively follow the sequence. There are four tools to be answered and filled out by the participants. These tools include KM Assessment Tool, Social Network Analysis (SNA), Knowledge Mapping Analysis and Knowledge Capital Plan (KCP).