Published on: June 26, 2023 | Written By: Beatriz Faye G. Carreon

Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur – The Department of the Interior and Local Government IX organized an extensive orientation aimed at improving the efficiency and transparency of its operations by focusing on the internal processes of the Department. The orientation took place in the Conference Hall of DILG IX last June 19, 2023, and served as a platform for regional personnel to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the department’s procedures and guidelines. 

The orientation had dual objectives: firstly, to empower the regional personnel with the essential expertise and proficiency to navigate the Department’s internal operations adeptly, and secondly, to foster a work environment characterized by responsibility and openness, encouraging employees to embrace accountability and transparency. 

The attendees wholeheartedly participated in the sessions, offering thought-provoking inquiries and shared their own experiences. The dynamic and interactive nature of teamwork and knowledge exchange, enabling regional personnel to acquire invaluable perspectives from both their colleagues and higher-ranking officials. 

The orientation showcased distinguished departmental officials, who illuminated pivotal aspects of the department’s internal processes. Leading the session was the Senior Administrative Officer (SAO) Edwina S. Romero, who skillfully delved into the intricate details of the procurement flow and the meticulous preparation of the Project Procurement and Management Plan (PPMP). SAO Romero’s thought-provoking presentation aimed to acquaint the participants with the intricacies of procurement procedures, highlighting the utmost importance of adhering to guidelines and regulations. 

Following that, LGOO VI/Planning Officer Designate Catherine B. Daan discussed the Activity Design, Post Activity Reports and Travel Order preparation and guidelines. Their engaging talks shed light on the criticality of careful planning, precise reporting, and strict adherence to established protocols. She underscored the significance of these processes in guaranteeing the smooth execution of departmental activities while upholding the principles of accountability and transparency. 

With this comprehensive orientation, the regional personnel of DILG IX have gained a profound grasp of the internal processes, empowering them to navigate their duties and obligations with heightened proficiency. By augmenting efficiency and transparency, the department endeavors to deliver improved services to the communities it serves, thus playing a pivotal role in the advancement and growth of the region as a whole. 

As the activity concluded, regional personnel left the orientation with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm, ready to implement the knowledge gained and contribute to the continued success of the Department.