Published By: June 08, 2023 | Written By: Beatriz Faye G. Carreon

June 08, 2023 | The National Convergence Initiative for Sustainable Rural Development (NCI-SRD) has embarked on a momentous journey towards realizing its vision of holistic rural development through the inauguration of the Ayala District Convergence Area. This remarkable occasion, hosted at the Philippine Coconut Authority – Zamboanga Research Center in Sitio San Ramon, Talisayan, Zamboanga City, signified the official commencement of the Ayala District convergence area, a significant stride towards integrated rural progress.

The collaborative force of the Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), and the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), collectively known as the NCI-SRD, has been tirelessly striving to mend the broken pathways of rural development services. By unveiling the Ayala District Convergence Area,their aspirations encompass boosting the productivity and economic viability of agriculture and fisheries, fostering sustainable land utilization and guardianship of natural resources, and empowering local stakeholders, with a special focus on farmers and fisherfolk, to actively engage and contribute.

Amidst the gathering, DILG IX Regional Director Paisal O. Abutazil carried forth the heartfelt message of the Secretary of the Interior and Local Government, Atty. Benjamin C. Abalos, Jr. With genuine admiration, the SILG extended his warmest felicitations to the NCI-SRD, recognizing their role as the trailblazers behind the Ayala District Convergence Area’s inauguration. The SILG commended the remarkable endeavors of the NCI-SRD, as they tirelessly toil to uplift the lives and sustenance of Filipinos, especially those entrenched in the realms of agriculture, fishing, and trade.

ILG Abalos highlighted that the initiation of the Ayala District Convergence Area shines as a guiding light for the community, heralding a promising tomorrow of enhanced living standards and robust rural communities. Grateful for the NCI-SRD’s unwavering commitment in turning this vision into reality, he extended heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated members and partners who have stood steadfastly by this transformative endeavor.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) pledged its unwavering backing and collaboration to the NCI-SRD and its partners, vowing to wholeheartedly contribute to the triumph of this initiative. SILG Abalos echoed the call for unity and teamwork, urging to join forces in expediting the provision of superior public service to the Filipino populace.

The inauguration of the Ayala District Convergence Area represents a remarkable turning point in the quest for sustainable rural progress in Zamboanga Peninsula. Through the collaborative endeavors of the NCI-SRD and its allies, there is an optimistic anticipation that this endeavor will usher in all-encompassing prosperity, alleviate poverty, and enhance the well-being of the local populace.