April 27-28, 2023 | The Local Governance Regional Resource Center (LGRRC) IX and LGRRC VIII conducted a knowledge-sharing endeavor held at the DILG IX Conference Hall. The primary objective of this initiative was to exchange avant-garde Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programs that both LGRRCs could emulate and customize to uplift their respective operations.

At the gathering, Ard C. Catalino, Information Technology Officer I, expounded on the triumvirate of systems implemented by their Regional Office, namely the Human Resource Information System, Assets and Procurement Management System and the Financial Management System. These systems have been the backbone of LGRRC IX’s streamlined administrative processes.

In addition, LGRRC VIII divulged the triumphs of their program for Newly Elected Officials, along with their innovative Accomplishment Monitoring App (AMA) and Inventory System. RD Arnel Agabe, CESO III, who led the LGRRC VIII team, expounded on how these pioneering programs have contributed to the enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of local government units (LGUs) in their region.

LGRRC VIII’s program for newly elected officials aims to provide them with the essential competencies and expertise to lead their LGUs with utmost efficiency. This comprehensive program offers training on crucial aspects such as sound governance, proficient financial management, disaster risk reduction strategies, and sustainable development approaches.

Conversely, LGRRC VIII’s Accomplishment Monitoring App (AMA) and Inventory System have proven to be indispensable aids for LGUs in monitoring and tracking their undertakings. The AMA empowers FOUs to instantly report their achievements, while the Inventory System facilitates more efficient management of their resources and equipment.

The knowledge transfer event was graced by the LGRRC IX Core Team and other notable participants from LGRRC VIII, the Accountant, Bobbie Alota, the Regional IT Officer, Engr. Abelardo Luis de Asis, the Supply Officer, Joy Inigo, and the Database Administrator, Allan Jay Ferriol.

The leaders of LGRRC IX, RD Paisal O. Abutazil and ARD Carmelo Enrique B. Libot, conveyed their heartfelt appreciation to the LGRRC VIII team for generously sharing their innovative programs. They recognized the knowledge exchange activity as an auspicious moment for both organizations to gain new insights from each other and enhance their respective operations.

The exchange of knowledge between LGRRC IX and LGRRC VIII was fruitful, as both teams were able to divulge their innovative techniques and gain insights from one another. It is anticipated that this event will lay the groundwork for a more profound partnership between the two LGRRCs, as they strive to further improve local governance in their respective areas.