“Not only an avenue to promote our tourism but also an income – generating project of the LGU” said Alicia Municipal Mayor Richard V. Tiu, Sr. who took pride on the nearly completed 25mx10m size and 5 feet deep eco-tourism swimming pool during the DILG-IX regional monitoring on April 10, 2013.

Mayor Tiu, Sr. together with the municipal engineer Edmund A. Tan and MPDC Silverio O. Panes led the monitoring team to the eco-tourism pool quite adjacent to the municipal hall.

Total cost of the project reached to 2.8 M. Under Performance Challenge Fund (PCF),  the municipality of Alicia received a total of 1M. This PCF is an incentive fund to LGUs that passed the Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH) in which thru the allocation a certain LGU can construct school buildings, rural health units, tourism facilities, flood control, solid waste management facilities etc.

Other  funds that complete the pool are also coming from DBM and a counterpart from the LGU.

Mun. Engr. Tan said that the status of the project is now 90% and they are just doing little enhancement to the pool’s main structure.

“ We are working on the excavation for the pipelines that will supply large volume of water to the pool. This is under also of the SaLinTubig”, he explained.

Relative to the final operation of the complex pool, Engr. Tan assured to do their best to make it fully operational this year.

Mayor Tiu Sr. explicated based from a history that formerly they have produced Palaro champion in the swimming competition but recently have not maintained it.  Through the suggestion from the department schools, the management standardized the pool relative to its depth and size to serve as training ground and other tourism purposes.#