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  • IEC materials development
  • elibrary services
  • database of best practices
  • electronic file sharing
  • webmaster – online services for LGPMS and other performance management tools


Capacity Development

  • Technical assistance in support to capdev and to various programs
  • Assessment on the capdev needs of LGUs using available tools and systems
  • Coaching and facilitate – peer to peer learning
  • Research for best / replicable practices and innovations in local governance
  • Updating of K database




  • Network building of LGUs based on thematic areas
  • Establish/strengthen partnerships with stakeholders
  • Maintain and continuously update pool of experts, institutions, programs
  • LGU exchange program on performance management



Public Education


  • Sponsor Donors’ Forum, conferences, roundtable discussions, FGD, etc.
  • Conduct press conferences and media forums
  • Social Marketing of LGRC and other various programs (i.e, benefits of replication, importance of performance management, services of LGRC)
  • Collect utilization of matrix and feedback and feed this into initiative to improve reusability and relevance of information / KP



LGRC offers the following services designed to support LGUs and other stakeholders in local governance:


  • Technical assistance in utilizing and maximizing tools, systems and approaches in identifying LGU capacity and development requirements such as the LGPMS, SCALOG, rationalized planning, CBMS, SIS, PMIS, MIS, BPLS, Budgeting Process, Resource Mobilization, Economic Enterprise, Local Development Plan Formulation, Local Legislation, and Brgy. Governance;
  • Linkages and technical support to LGU peer-to-peer learning and replication program;
  • Identification, documentation & sharing of LGU best practices;
  • Benchmarking LGU state of local governance;
  • LGU network building;
  • Updated local governance knowledge products and technologies;
  • Availability of LGU best practices that are proven and tested; solutions to common problems;
  • Updated DILG legal opinions, memorandums & circulars on local governance;
  • Updated LGU profiles, elected officials and functionaries
  • Linkages to pool of experts (individuals and institutions) and local resource institutions;
  • Hosting and sponsoring of public forum and dialogues;
  • Publication of major local governance events, activities, news & articles ; and
  • Access to Integrated Library Management System (ILMS).